Re: Southbend 9" lathe table in CONCRETE?

Roger Bickers

A top limited to 3.5" will fail even with rebar. Your top should be at least 6" and would need a double matt of #4 rebar or else the top will sag and flex. 
Youd also need corner bars with 18" tails to join the top and legs together on the end of each matt.
The legs should be 2/3 of the overall size of the top in width to provide sound bearing and support, though I would definitely recommend a rebar cage here also.  

Sounds like overkill to ya? It's not. 

Oh and you'll still have to shim/ level the machine.

Do bother placing your cast iron lathe on aluminum either.. they'll fuse together.


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I don’t know about a lathe table, but I do fill my grinder pedestal stands with either concrete or sand. That dampen vibrations a lot.



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With all of the discussions about lathe tables, I have to ask:  What is your opinion about making one out of concrete?  I have heard they are very dead (no spring) so makes turning a lot easier.  As I approach putting my 1940 SB 9” A and C lathes into operation, I am planning ahead for the tables.



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