Re: SB9 Lathe Cross Slide Handle Needed

Guenther Paul

I may have a broken hand wheel with the handle still in it. If not i suggest make one. I will go to my shop and look hang on i will be back  


On Wednesday, December 18, 2019, 5:47:00 PM EST, Steven H via Groups.Io <stevesmachining@...> wrote:

I don’t have any spare ball crank handles. Hopefully you will find one. Some suggested places to look would be eBay, and if you Google ‘ball crank handles’ you will also find possible sources such as Wholesale Tool Co ( and J.W. Winco ( A ball crank handle from an Atlas lathe might also be retrofitted (check eBay), but Atlas handles are chrome plated ZAMAK alloy instead of steel like on a South Bend. Good luck.

Steve Haskell

On Dec 18, 2019, at 3:39 PM, Rick Kruger <krugerr@...> wrote:


I am looking for a cross slide handle for a SB9" lathe, or something very similar that would fit and work.  Lathe is a 1923 era SB9 with quick change gear box, with the single lever, dog clutch box.  I do not have reference material to look up a part number.

The lathe belongs to a friend, but I helped him buy it and I assisted on an earlier repair of the carriage feed gearing.  I just completed repairing the cross slide screw, which broke.  In the doing, I converted it to large dial (100 grad.) using a large dial assembly I had taking up space on my shelves from long ago when I had a SB9A in much need of repair.  I installed two sets of thrust bearings and a deep groove ball bearing.  No backlash in this assembly. The handle that has gone missing is shown. 

So, my friend and I live 2000 miles apart.  He shipped his saddle and CS with all the parts to me, sans the CS nut.  I did the repairs and just shipped it all back to him, using his packing materials.  Priority Mail.  He received it today.  The box had come open during shipment and the handle is now missing.  He is going to try the compound handle to see if that is an interim fix.  Even so, that handle will have to be replaced.  

My guess is a handle from a different model of SB lathe, even larger or smaller, may work.  Through hole is 1/4" ID with a 1/8" keyway with a round key/pin.  I'll work out any key/pin issues. 


<CS Handle 12-18-19.jpg>

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