Playing around with metric conversion


A few weeks ago I made the decision to convert to metric my SB 9A.

As I do metric work on a regular basis, I kept the metric transposing gear on the machine. I also replaced the dial for a metric dial on the cross slide. It is a 254 graduation dial. Every graduation corresponds to 0.02 mm diameter. Dial was cut on my 10K. (attached photo)

It is not a big issue since I have a SB 10K sitting just besides.

Ten years ago I was offered a SB 10K metric that I declined at that time. Now I regret.

Next little project will be a rotary broach. It will require some metric threading as well as boring metric holes for bearings.

I just finished the rebuild of a SB 9A for a friend. Machine will probably leave my basement this week end.

Guy Cadrin
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