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RJ White

Good job thanks for posting with all the glitter of Christmas it’s nice to see a littel iron . And I like Christmas!  Merry Christmas to all. 

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How I wish I could do knurls that nice.




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Hi There,

There hasn't been much posted for awhile so I thought
I would show what I've been doing. 

Over the weekend, I made the depth screw for my threading attachment.


When I got it, the screw was too big in diameter.  After a little research, I discovered
that the threading stop for the 9 inch and 10K.  I had an NOS one I bought back in the


(you can see the "too big" screw at the top of the picture).
I measured the 9 inch/10K screw and made a copy.  I made
a few cosmetic changes to the head to make it look more like
the style of the bigger one.


One of the changes was to use a 45° diamond knurls instead of the 30° ones.
(They are a little more South Bend-like). 

The other thing I did was to make a replacement oil tube for the one that was
broken off in the reversing gear tumbler.  I measured the one in the reversing
tumbler I borrowed from another lathe and bought some heavy walled (.065")
260 brass tubing.  I already had a 5/16 x 32 tpi die. to thread it.  I drilled the
other end out to 1/4" so I could drive a Gits oiler into it. 



I also repaired the broken gear bearing journal.  I took some pics with my cell phone
but they didn't come out good but I do have one of the completed journal assembly.


Originally, the threaded end had broken off so I cut the nub off just at the undercut
behind the threads, drilled and tapped it, threaded in a new section (using 1144
steel).  Then I drilled and cross-pinned the insert so it won't come out.


(If you look careful, you can make out the outline of the pin). 

Now I have the original reversing tumbler assembly back in my lathe (and it runs
quieter than the other one)!

So, my lathe may not be the "prettiest" lathe, but it pleases me.  Thanks for letting
me share my small activities.

Good Luck!
-Blue Chips-

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