Re: Heavy Ten conversion to L00



It's good to see another successful Heavy 10 project - thanks for sharing the photos. Happy to help you with the drawing.

I'm in the process of putting mine back together. I found it at an estate sale with a nice set of nearly new L00 chucks, some faceplates and a 5C collet closer; it came from the factory with the L00 spindle and taper attachment according to the build card.

I had Lindmark Machine Works in Seattle rework the ways and the saddle using their "small" 20 ft. long planer. They built up the saddle with Turcite and fit it and the tailstock to align properly with the headstock, and also rebuilt the worn cross slide dovetail to make it perpendicular to the bed, and it turned out really well. They have quite a bit of experience rebuilding machine tools. I'm looking forward to completing my rebuild and seeing how it turns. The bed had about .018 wear near the headstock and it appears that the previous owner didn't understand what oil is used for. It has a hard bed; the ways under the headstock are noticeably softer.

Thanks for the explanation about the hook! I was curious about what it is used for.

Dave in Lake Stevens WA

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