Re: Heavy Ten conversion to L00


Or you could use a locking setscrew. Of course the chuck would always have to stop at the same spot.


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So far I haven't had to run my SB Heavy 10L in reverse so I've not run into the problem.  But having said that I have this nice Harmonic Drive that will become the A axis on my CNC mill conversion.  It needs a face plate and it's been suggested that I make it compatible with lathe so work that has been turned on the lathe can be unscrewed and transferred to the A axis for further milling.


But of course one may not be able to set up all milling so that the cutter load always torques the chuck tighter.  The casting I'm going to pour for the harmonic drive is large enough that I'd be able to turn the 10" faceplate.  So I've been looking at ways to key the chuck to keep it from unscrewing. 


So I could spin it onto the A Axis and then lock it somehow.  One thought was to make the shoulder that the chuck registers against a bit longer and add a fine pitch nut onto that so that I'd be able to thread the chuck onto the A axis spindle and then turn the nut against the chuck back plate. 


Does that sound reasonable?  One could even lock a threaded collar onto the actual lathe spindle and have a lock nut on it too?

John Dammeyer



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I was looking at those pictures of the hook thinking, maybe no one will explain this... the hook mystery will haunt me forever. Now I can finally move on.

Also, the chuck spun off my SB 9A last week when I tried to shorten a cap screw with a tool mounted inverted. The lathe was running in reverse so the screw wouldn’t work itself out of the nuts holding it in the chuck. So L00 conversion... I get it.


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