Re: Heavy Ten conversion to L00


Hi There,

I appreciate the responses so far.  Jim, I'll check out the video
later.  I am experienced with mounting L00 chucks.  I have a
11" Logan and two Clausings with L00 spindles.  I have a
significant number of chucks that are L00 for those lathes and
it would be convenient if the South Bend could use them too.
Plus, up grading from the 1-7/8" X 8 tpi spindle to the larger
L00 will give me 5C collet capability too.

David, when you have a chance, if you could get some
measurements of the location of the pivot screw,  I would greatly
appreciate it.  Also, the height of the spacer would be nice too. 
A while back, I picked up a NOS wedge kit that is for the 13" through
16" SBL's so the spacer is too tall and so is the pivot screw (but
once I know the correct spacer height, I can figure the correct
dimensions for the pivot screw). 

Thanks Again for the Help!
-Blue Chips-

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