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Roger Bickers

Thanks George!

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I've added "MARKETPLACE" to the group's database section.  Group members can add as many rows as they want and can only edit the rows that they have added.  I put in 2 test rows for starters.  I allowed for up to 3 images of whatever it is that you're selling or looking for.  WTS stands for Want To Sell.  WTB stands for Want To Buy.  The current thinking is that the MARKETPLACE is intended for machines, parts of machines, and tooling and is open to non-SBL items.  Having said that , the MARKETPLACE is not for lawnmowers, cars, trucks, car parts, etc., etc....  I'd say it's for things you'd likely be using in a machine shop.  Contact info should be an email address or a phone number.  Location can be a zipcode or city/state.

I'd like to see items that have sold remain on the list with the WTS changed to SOLD and the price adjusted to whatever the item finally sold for.  That way we can have some kind of price history develop over time.  To get to the MARKETPLACE, go to and log in.  Once you're in the South Bend Lathe group, click Databases on the left side of the page, and then click on MARKETPLACE once you're in the databases section.  I think I designed the database well enough to cover what it's intended to do, but let me know if you think something is missing.  Once you're in the MARKETPLACE database, click on the green "+Add Row" button to list your item.  REMEMBER TO CLICK THE "UPDATE" BUTTON AT THE BOTTOM TO SAVE WHAT YOU HAVE ENTERED OR CHANGED ON YOUR LISTING!

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