Dropped my Tailstock - mystery piece came out


Feel like an idiot, was moving the tailstock of a SB13B holding it by the rear handle and the barrel/chuck when the chuck taper suddenly released and it all hit the floor.
I know pieces went on the floor, and I found some. A corner of the clamping pad was broken off, and a mystery piece was found on the floor. It doesn't appear in any of the parts lists or videos I've looked at.
Basically it's brass or bronze, about 5/8" diameter, about the same length, and a small shallow dimple in one end. There was a small piece of curved felt nearby.
Anyone know where it came from?


FWIW, I know there is still another piece of something hiding in the shed, I heard it ping away under the bench, but everything appears to be present and working, so I will go over it with a fine tooth comb, but this piece has me confused.

Des in Oz

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