Re: 1964 10K headstock cover question

Nelson Collar

A lot of lathes did not come with covers and the era of that machine it could be older.

On Wednesday, November 6, 2019, 09:19:38 AM CST, vtsblogan@... <vtsblogan@...> wrote:

Can't tell from the pics, but it probably takes the long plastic one that covers both set of pulleys- if it's a rear drive one.

I'm sure you can find a pic of it.

I've seen them on Ebay in the 75 to 150 range

If you can confirm it  I have a spare you can have if you don't mind waiting till late winter spring.

On Tue, 05 Nov 2019 09:49:31 -0800, "Nitro" <nitroburners@...> wrote:

Hi guys and gals

Winter is approaching and I hope to have the time to reassemble my 10K.
This machine didn't come with the belt/gear guard in place when I acquired it.
The headstock casting is not the same as a 9" and is not the same as the underdrive units I have seen online.

 This lathe was bench mounted when I found it, but had no guard in place at the time.
The machine was disassembled for refinishing as it had been in a fire, but didn't get hot enough to destroy it.
I probably have 200 hours or more invested in it for the teardown, disassembly and refinishing.

I used my glass bead cabinet for a lot of the cleaning, plus have my Logan 922 11 inch for some of the round polishing work.

I'm retired now with over 50 years on the shop floor, so hopefully my work does speak for itself.

Can anyone help me identify it so I can track one down?
My rebuild manual was of no help, so even a picture or so of an existing one would be helpful.

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