Re: Acquiring Tooling for a Lathe

Roger Bickers

Get a thread centering tool for sure, and before you drop a lot of money on a collet system,  look at  a threaded drill chuck that fits your headstock spindle.  Some tooling can be found at cdco online. It's made in china, and while they do have quick change tool posts and stuff , learn how to form and sharpen tools by hand. 
Go slow and pay attention to everything (dont force the tool into the work. If it's not cutting,  it's too high, or not ground right.. watch a lot of YouTube videos and dont be afraid to ask questions. Slow and steady wins the race. 

On Mon, Oct 28, 2019 at 10:27 AM, Joel Turner
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Appreciate all the responses.

@stevesmachining - Thanks for the link on taper systems and sizes
@Nate - Does this sleeve perform the same function as the older SouthBend part?  
@Sam - Been looking at Phase II AXA QC posts and holders.  Why wedge and not piston?
@Carl - I already have a grinder that I use for establishing primary bevels on chisels and plane blades for woodworking that can serve double duty for grinding HSS blanks



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And a grinder for HSS tool shaping...

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Yes, there is Brown & Sharpe taper stuff out there. Which can be confused with Morse taper if not careful. Most B&S taper shanks will be marked ‘B&S’. has a chart on their website with the dimensions of common standard taper systems (Morse, Jacobs, Brown & Sharpe, and Jarno). From the LMS website Home Page click ‘Info Center’, then ‘Resource Information’, then ‘Dimensions of Standard Tapers’.

Taper information can also be found in Machinery’s Handbook and online.

Steve Haskell

On Oct 26, 2019, at 6:37 AM, Nathan Baynes <natebaynes@...> wrote:


Purchase this 

Grizzly G5714 - Morse Taper Sleeve - MT3/MT2

from grizzly for $9 and keep itin your pocket at the next auction or flea market.  You can test fit any taper shank quickly. Someoneelse said a good eye can spot MT 2 from MT 1 but i once bought some odd ball brown and sharpe taper stuff by accident..( although it fits my vernon sheldon horizotal mill!). 

also a jacobs chuck for the tailstock and a handful of HSS steel tool blanks and someway to hold them ( quick change vrs lantern vrs turret) is really all you need to do a lot of fun projects!  

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