Re: Has any one added a mill attachment to their heavy 10?


I like to use the QCTP as a mount for almost any shop made attachment for my lathe. 

Here is my TP mounted “cross Drilling” fixture.
It used a chuck I had kicking around for over 30 years. 
Once set on center you can take it off or put it back without any additional work. 
I have modified it from the pictures by adding another bearing to extend the support. 
It can also be set parallel to the ways and used to drill a cirular BCD pattern. 

The Hex piece could be round. I had a chunk of hex. 
There is a slot milled in the hex. The “L” shaped holder fits the slit and is silver brazed into it. This keeps the L piece and hex “True” to each other. 

The sleeve is a sintered bronze bushing. The rod is OD ground. 
Picture shows it on a Heavy 10 but I have used it on my 9” workshop also. 

Prime power is a Dewalt Portable drill. 

I believe I have posted this before on the old site. Excuse repetition. 

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Thanks for the responses.
Next thing to add to the small project  list is a way to drill proper holes in the sides of parts mounted in the lathe since I don't seem to be very good at going from the lathe to the drill press and getting holes drilled correctly. I am talking about holes on the circumference of parts done on the lathe, not in line with the Z axis. 
Thanks again

Jim B

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