Re: Has any one added a mill attachment to their heavy 10?


 I agree with Paul to a large extent. The money spent on an attachment would make a large dent in the cost of a small mill. 
I had a Burke #4 for many years. I sold it to get ready for our move to the “Olde Folks Home”. I wish I had not. 

But from time to time I need to do just a bit of milling. 

I am making a catch pan for the MG. The MG XPAG engine has a design issue that allows the rear main seal to drip oil when the engine is not running. 

Without pulling the engine and installing a modern seal, the historic fix is to add a pan that catches the oil as it drips, thus saving the garage floor. On mine I wanted to add a sight glass to see when to drain the pan. 
The pan will be made out of Al and folded and welded. The fittings for the sight glass will be welded to the side of the Pan. They needed a flat milled for welding. 

I have used a QCTP tool holder in the past as a rudimentary work holder. 

In this case I am holding a 1/2” rod, about 24” long in the tool holder. I have made several 1/32 deep passes to get a flat about 3/16 deep. 
With it still in the holder I will find center and then drill a #27 hole, in the vertical face, about 5/32 under the step, about 1/2” deep. Thats a hole that is not on center and could be difficult in another setting. The rod was then put in to the spindle, a 5/32 hole drilled in the face about 1/16 from the face. The adapter was then parted off and a 1/16 NPT thread drilled and tapped in the unmilled end. 

There is a similar adapter going on the top of the catch pan, shown to the right. This has a double step milled. 

I have not made the pan yet. I am still fitting cardboard test pieces to the curves on the bell housing., but here is what the sight gage will look like when I get the pan fabricated. 

Oh yes, a friend will do the TIG welding. I got rid of my welding stuff also. 😢

BI just wanted to share a possible way to do a little mill work on your lathe. 

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Jim B.

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I would not waist my time with a milling attachment, they are not rigid enough. Buy your self a mill you will be much happier  


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I also have a palmgren milling attachment on my heavy 10.  I found it to move too much.  Home shop machinist article by d.e. Johnson in sept 1994 talks about improvements and how to mount.

Jim B

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