Re: Dial Indicator Holder for 9/10k Lathe


She is a he. Lives in NJ.   I had a run in with him about 10 years ago over purchase I made on Ebay.  Same result.  Never again. 

Nelson Wood

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Its gigigirl111 she wants $ 359.99 that's crazy 


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Which seller ?
That way we can block

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I bought 2 items from this seller. The first was a bunch of reamers which were fine and the shipping was ok because they were heavy. The second was a lot of new carbide endmills which weren't new. They had chips in the flutes. When I complained the responce from her ( or him) was that a machinist said they were new. It wasn't worth the hassle of sending them back on my dime. Her shipping is a joke. She says flat rate shipping for almost everything but sends it in a small plastic bag instead. Claims to give shipping rebates but that's a lie. Bottom line I wont ever buy from that one again.

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