Re: New lathe parts


Hi Rose,

Let me add my welcome to this group. We spoke a couple of years ago when I ordered a manual for my first 9 incher. I used to work for Motorola until my division was sold to a smaller company 4 years ago and since then we have gone through multiple plant closings and many layoffs. I miss all my friends who are gone, but I am thankful that I am still getting a paycheck every month. It must have been pretty grim at South Bend, too. I am glad that you have landed on your feet.

Can you help with info on two serial numbers? One I bought from the infamous Al in Connecticut. I believe it was pieced together from several lathes as the bed was drilled for a gearbox and it was outfitted as a "C", SN 41110ncr9. The other one was purchased from a shop in Woodstock, Illinois. It was donated to raise money for a machining technology program at the community college there, SN 46199nar10.

Thanks in advance,

Glen Reeser

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