Re: Exploded Parts Diagram


In the files section of this group, and I must admit I have spent no time there, should be several How to’s on installing thrust bearings on 9” Workshop and heavy 10. 
They were on the old group. 
If you cannot find them let me know. 
There should be two thrust bearings. 

Jim B,

On Sep 13, 2019, at 9:54 PM, Rick Kruger <krugerr@...> wrote:

Still helping Steve Yaz with his cross slide screw repair.  I have a large dial that came off a SB 9" that appears to have had thrust bearings.  Is there just one set of these bearings per assembly?  Steve's lathe does NOT have any thrust bearings in the dial/screw assembly. 

Can anyone point me to exploded parts diagrams or other drawings showing these cross slide screw assemblies, please?  One such drawing for the more recent 9" lathes and one for his era of 9" would be ideal. 



Jim B

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