Re: Large Dial for Your Lathe

Guenther Paul

I have a used  cross feed screw for sale that i believe comes from a 10" lathe. It come with a handle, gear and nut it is in excellent shape.


On Thursday, September 12, 2019, 12:40:46 PM EDT, Rick Kruger <krugerr@...> wrote:


It would be cool to have a new leadscrew by the time I get there. But, I
see some challenges to getting it made so you can mount a large dial on
it.  I am thinking I need to have my hands on things to do the mods to
get the large dial mods made, but we can figure some other ways to do
it.  I need to do a drawing of the large dial, one way or the other, so
I'll start there.

There are a couple ways to approach the whole project.  A couple/three
things need to happen:

1) new screw and nut made with a long enough shaft on the handle end to
mount the large dial (its mounting base is longer than the threaded
bushing you have):
     a) send your broken screw and the large dial parts to the guy
(Steve?) who makes the screws/nuts (I do agree it would be good to get
both a new screw AND nut) and have him figure out how to mound it and
make the screw accordingly.  Cost could be a major hindrance to that,
even if he'd do it,
    b) send your broken screw to Steve with instructions to make the
screw/gear/nut with a long enough dial side shaft for me to work with to
mate the large dial to it,
    c) me make the screw and nut and either graft your existing gear or
send it out to have the gear cut.  I don't know if I still have contact
info on the guy who made your rack gear.

2) use your existing screw/gear and figure out a way to graft new shaft
to the dial side for mounting of the large dial (or existing small dial).

3) mating the large dial bushing to your saddle.
    a) use an existing long bushing (that I have) that is already
threaded (3/4"-16), but it is quite long (3 1/4") (is shop made, not SB
    b) turn threads on the OEM bushing that matches the dial (none
there now) (3/4" OD, 3/8" ID, 0.810" long),
    c) make a new bushing that matches the threaded hole and matches
the dial diameter (if not clear, you will see in the drawings). I think
this is the best option and most likely to succeed.

I need to gin up the drawings and it will become much more clear, I
believe and hope.  Refer to the photos I texted of the large dial
parts.  But, in the immediate, I have to go feed/water Taryn's
chickens.  Back attcha later.


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