Re: Photos of Steve's SB9 Lathe > Broken Cr

Roger Bickers

Thats  a Series O (at least in appearance if not officially)  on ebay theres a "Steve" making and selling what youre looking for. Send him pics for a reference..he made or may not need yours to document and copy.  If you have questions,  hes good about replying back to you. 

On Mon, Sep 9, 2019 at 4:52 PM, Steve Yasgur
<steve@...> wrote:
Thanks, Rick.  I’ll be pulling the cross-slide off tonight and photographing it, and I’ll post those.  Thanks for posting the pictures taken when the lathe was clean(!)
Wouldn’t want the group getting the right impression!


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On Sep 9, 2019, at 3:44 PM, Richard Kruger <krugerr@...> wrote:

Attached are some photos of Steve Yasgur's 9" lathe that has the broken cross slide screw.  I added them to an album named: Yasgur's 9"

Front view of the lathe.  We thought it was a Jr., but some comments suggest otherwise.  We still don't know which model it is.  We are hoping these first two photos cues someone to help identify what it is.  (Steves 1922-23 SB9 640.jpg)

Carriage Apron 640.JPG

Broken end of screw (Broken CS Screw 1 09-08-19 640.jpeg)

Cross Slide Handle showing peened nut (Broken CS Screw 2 09-08-19 640.jpeg)

<Steves 1922-23 SB9 640.jpg><Carriage Apron 640.JPG><Broken CS Screw 1 09-08-19 640.jpeg><Broken CS Screw 2 09-08-19 640.jpeg>

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