South bend lathe parts available

Nathan Baynes

Hello fellow members,
i have several parts left over after refurbishing my 1942 
Heavy 10.  The headstock is newer and set up for bronze bushings.
the motor mounting plate maybe for a 13” as it was a tad to big to fit
in my cast iron base.   The picture with several items has two hand wheels 
, these hand wheels are not south bend.    Also have some large tooling pictured, not southbend..   please contact me for
 Prices and availability,  I really just want these to go to a good home but would like to be able to use some spare cash to continue some upgrades on my heavy 10!    I am in need of a crossfeed screw and nut (with taper attachment) also looking for a belt tension lever handle!   Maybe we can trade some stuff!!  I am in southern Indiana and will travel to Indianapolis and Louisville over the next few weeks.  


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