Re: Looking to buy a handwheel for apron for Heavy 10


Yes John a mil could be substituted for the lathe, but you are still stuck finding the correct and\gle and offset in order to drill a matching hole in the hand wheel collar so the taper pin fits both the shaft and the collar without drilling another hole in the shaft. 
Of course drilling a second hole is always an option. 

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To all:

I may be walking into it here, but I have to ask:  If a vertical miller is available, couldn’t the hand wheel shaft be loosely fitted into a vise with a vee block, a drill suitable to the shaft hole, held in the headstock, and the shaft and drill manipulated until there is a “free feel" to the drill?  Perhaps a tapered reamer could be “jiggled” to assure alignments afterward.  This might be as sensitive as trying to fit a level in Jim’s procedure.  I would proceed as Jim has suggested, using super glue, spotting center, and drilling very cautiously.  Not as easily, I suspect the same thing could be done with an horizontal miller.  (Lucky me:  I have both.) 

I am probably missing some important point, so have at it.  I am not sensitive to being corrected.


Jim B

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