Re: Looking to buy a handwheel for apron for Heavy 10

Guenther Paul

Jim you don't have to post pictures for me but it may be help full to others 


On Monday, July 8, 2019, 12:21:24 PM EDT, Jim_B <jim@...> wrote:

Yes you can find similar hand wheels at Both McMasters and MSC. 
They will work but need to be fitted to the Heavy 10 shaft. 
Now a word of caution. SB did not take grate pains when installing taper pins. They are not necessarily on center or perpendicular to the shaft and no two are the same. 

I have been able to match new wheels to old shafts by holding the old shaft in a collet or chuck. Setting my shop made cross drilling attachment to match the angle and offset and then drilling through the new collar. 

If you want I can post a how-to

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Jim B.

On Jul 8, 2019, at 11:01 AM, Guenther Paul <paulguenter@...> wrote:

If you cant find a used hand wheel you can get one a McMaster Carr  you may have to do some machining on it


On Monday, July 8, 2019, 10:09:18 AM EDT, Jim_B <jim@...> wrote:

Try Ted

Jim B,

On Jul 8, 2019, at 9:19 AM, vinnito1 via Groups.Io <vinnito1@...> wrote:

I recently purchased a 1941 10L that has a damaged handwheel on the apron. Does anyone have a spare that they would be willing to sell to me.

Jim B

Jim B

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