Re: Looking to buy a handwheel for apron for Heavy 10


One other note. 
I am able to use a bubble level to set the initial position of the hole because my lathe is level not just detwisted. 
If your lathe is not level, note how far off plumb it is and set the initial position to match. 

Jim B,

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Ok Bill
First I held the shaft in my lathe. 
(This is a Tailstock Handwheel on an 9” Workshop)
I fitted a drill to the taper pin hole and using a small bubble level I rotated the drill until the bubble was level. (Lock the spindle first,so the part won’t shift after leveling} Level by rotating shaft in chuck/collet.

I then chucked up a proper drill for the Taper Pin reamer in my cross drilling fixture. I matched the height, adjusting the QC tool holder height,  of the cross drilling fixture and drill point to point. 

I rotated the cross drilling fixture so the two drills were parallel.
This picture shows the two drills aligned in height and made parallel by rotating the compound. 

I then removed the drill from the shaft and aligned the cross drilling fixture to be centered in the hole on the draft. 

I mounted the hand wheel on the shaft, securing it wit a bit of Super Glue. Be sure to position it where you want it to be 


Now you can drill through,

You have aligned the drill be wit the hole in the shaft so that should just pass through drilling the closest and furtherest sides of the hand wheel only. 
You should then use a taper pin Reamer to set the taper up.


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That would be a good thing for me, and I expect others will agree.

Bill in OKC

Jim B

Jim B

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