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Flash Gordon

Oh boy here we go again. You do not need a precision level. A level just get you close. The real test is make cuts on the lathe the adjust the feet untill the cuts are equal.  SB has a procedure for this. Look in the file section to find it.

Ed S

On 6/11/2019 5:05 PM, Ruth Busch wrote:
What are the consequences of a lathe not being level?  Most ships have a lathe or two.  They are almost never level.

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Generally a precision level is the only way you can dial in a lathe in a reasonable length of time.  Carpenters levels generally don’t have the level of precision needed for machining - 1/1000” Versus 1/32”.  

Maybe you can borrow one from someone in the hobby machine world, near where you live...


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What's the consensus on whether or not a precision level is really needed to setup a lathe?  Can I use a regular old carpenter's level (or a digital level) and then check the lathe installation by cutting and measuring a cylinder?  I'm thinking even if I had a precision level, I'd still want to turn & measure a cylinder to check the installation and correct for any bed twist anyway.  Thoughts & comments please!

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