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Roger Bickers

Just curious... did you ever change out the vee belt? A slight blemish on the side can make for an awful lot of hell. You might not even hear it...let alone see it. Then id check gear mesh and the bottoms of all the gears for a piece of trash. 

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Shims arrived after a few days... Life, work and other things have kept me away until this weekend. I reassembled the spindle and got it back into the machine, set shim height. All looks and seems ok.
Put the belt on high speed cones and start the motor expecting it to be smooth, it's not. The same vibration is still there! If you disconnect the bull gear, the vibration lessens a great deal. Of course that means the spindle is freewheeling and not the same RPM as the spindle cones. 
Spindle cones still indicate .0025 eccentricity. Gritted my teeth and took the spindle from the lathe and back on the bench.

  1. Do I measure the spindle for runout? I would need some sort of cradle and/or hold downs
  2. Is .0025 eccentricity on the Cones bad? What is the tolerance supposed to be? (.0025 seems large to me) Is there a chart/document in the archives?
  3. Bushings inside spindle cone have no scratches, but has areas that are darker than others (pics included). Can the bushings be replaced? or do you just buy a new set of  spindle cones?
  4. The gear side spindle bearing also shows the same banding. Cannot look at the bull gear one without removing the bull gear to look at that one. Is this how they are supposed to look?

Gear side bearing.

that's a dog hair in the center of the bearing.

you can see the banding here.

Spindle looking down to bull gear.

There is a spot on the spindle right where the bushing inside the cone pulleys ends. It is a bright spot that I swear I can feel.
Dead center of the picture above.

I would appreciate any answers, thoughts or prayers..



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