Re: Help in centering tailstock



You can put a piece of flat metal between the points of your centers
and the misalignment will show up by the way the metal deflects. It
kind of magnifies the alignment errors. If it were not so late I
could probably give you the amount of deflection on the end of the
flat stock depending on the distance from the centers, sines and
tangents and stuff but you get the idea. Shims are OK.

A microscope and sewing needles works, too.

Glen Reeser

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<eeengineer@c...> wrote:
I receintly changed my headstock. I am trying to center the
to the headstock I inserted a MT3 to MT2 adapter into the spindle. I
inserted a MT2 to 3/8 end mill holder. This (conveniently) takes the
adapeter on my test indicator. The tailstock has a "dead" center in
it. I can adjust the left-to-right with the two tailstock adjusting
screws. It appears that the tailstock is about 0.007" low. Is it
permissible to use brass shim stock?. It there some other way to
adjust it? Am I missing something? Is the proceedure ok? The "How to
run a lathe" Book sees to tell you to just adjust to the points on
two centers to line it up. This seems to be very inaccurate.
Especially with my eyesite. I would need a 50 power microscome to
within a few thousands.


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