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david pennington

Paul, check for Rockwell 21-100 and 21-122 mills. They are floor mounted 3/4 hp mills with half the travel of a Bridgeport. The 21-100 weighs about 950 lbs. Uses R8 tooling.

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Date: 1/27/19 15:24 (GMT-07:00)
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First visit since Yahoo based. Nice layout. I have a SB heavy 10 that I have put a bit of work into. Bed is worn, but I think I can use it :). Also may be acquiring a 9” lathe. Non gearbox model. Have a 6” Atlas as well. Anyway, hoping to be a part a bit more. 
What I am not finding is a decent bench mill mill-drill group. Don’t have one yet, but recently sold my Bridgeport am am looking for something smaller. Am going to see a small Grizzly locally next week, but feel I want a tad bigger. Any thoughts about those here may have, or any available in the area. Thanks.
Paul in OKC

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