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Assuming you can somehow fit the no3 MT drills in the headstock mandrel, then, whilst you can set jobs up on the cross slide, beware of the large forces involved.  An alternative option is to fit a flat pad into the tailstock and you can use it like a drill press for drilling long members, e.g. angle iron.  A rope from a roof member is probably safer than holding the end, and use the tool post to stop the workpiece pulling forward a long way on breakthrough.


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Whats the bore size of your spindle? If its the large hole, then get a 13" spindle sleeve adapter, its sized for a #3 mt. Roger

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I'm a Heavy 10 guy. I find myself with a bunch of greater than 3/4" #3 Morse taper shank drills and am wondering. I could easily make a sleeve to put #3 MT drills in the S/B spindle. I have a sleeve with a  #2 MT, no big deal to make another for #3.  It means learning to set work up on the cross slide, but I bet I can figure that out. Anyone tried this? Is it worth doing?

Don V.
West Chester, PA

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