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Roger Bickers

So you want to quieten down your lathe gears? Instead of using some cheap form of a gear, why not cushion the gear with a better oil that clings to the surface? Try a dribble of 15w40. 
Next thing youll wanna do is quieten down that damn motor you now hear hummimg. Lol Roger

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Some pertinent points, in response -

None of that addresses the fact that people are usually much better off using a Form Mill ( Involuted Gear Tooth Mill ) and milling a Gear our of plastic than using a 3D printed gear.

The reason is simple - both are not actually proper Involutes. So accepting for the lack of them, the milled gear of solid plastic will be hands down the better prospect.

I’ve over a decade working in the 3D printing field, professionally. STLs are a compromise. The files available are more oft than not in accurate as well. And neither of those even address the fact that the machines themselves are simply incapable of creating an accurate Involute. And now, we’ve added in the fact that the equipment being used is not the most capable to begin with.

Making all this even more dismal is the fact Fusion360’s little free gear generator doesn’t actually output correct Gear Tooth forms, either. So doing all of this simply disadvantages the individual before they even get started.

If one is going to be accepting of a half measure, then the best choice would be to at least pick the half measure that is the better, more correct, practical choice.


Zahnrad Kopf
American Machine & Gear Works
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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> Hi all,
> I'm a big fan of 3d printing also and lucky know a bit more about printer than I do lathes, otherwise this post would be worthless.
> Infill is ok, I wouldn't use hollow teeth but there are much more efficient infill patterns that the good old honeycomb, just a ton of perimeters and top/bottom layers should (no actual proof) be fine.
> I have only made one myself and not for a lathe, but I found PLA was fine its pretty resistant to oils, though high temps could be an issue for some the US members that actually get to see the sun (I'm in the UK) more than once a year as PLA will start to deform at hot summers day temperatures.
> If you need an odd size gear Fusion 360 has a feature that basically makes the gear for you, just pump in the numbers and its rendered for you, then just export and print.

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