Re: Headstock, What would you do?

Roger Bickers

Just for the sake of doing it, if you take the newer headstock and with it on the lathe bed and securely attached. .... and the same thing with the tailstock with a good center in it... how close do the two line up on center height to each other? 

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Hi Gents, 

I am trying to work out what is the lesser of 2 evils, I am lucky enough to have a choice of 2 headstocks for my 9a rebuild, the pretty rough looking original and another nicer looking one.

I'm am not the most experienced machinist so I really cant tell which is worse long term, a head not matched to the bed or just carrying on with a rough looking spindle bearing.

Strangely the spindle itself looks fine.

Also on the better looking head the bearing does seem to have moved around a bit and does not align with the wick hole properly.

I've attached a couple of pics so you can see what I mean, the grooves are the catch your nail on type, not the see it but cant feel it I had hoped for.

I'm a bit stuck with how to move forward so as always any advice is greatly appreciated.

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