Re: 10l gear problem #10l

Roger Bickers

John, i went and looked for it too after i made my comment and cant find it either. Perhaps its been sold? Ive got a 10L and an old 9 Junior thats been fitted with a qcgb that subsequently has if i remember correctly a10l banjo and gears on it. I'll try and look at them today and compare. One things for sure though other than that welded repair, the studs not right either. Roger

Apparently i forgt to hit send so heres pics of what ive got on my (wide)9 and my 10L (both have single tumbler gearboxes)  both have the same banjo and gears. Pic #1 (wide) 9, pic #2 10L 

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Hi Roger,

Thanks very much for the info. I’m looking for that one you saw on eBay but can’t seem to find one that is correct for a heavy 10 like mine. It looks like the 9” and the light 10k both use that 72 tooth gear, but the 10l takes a 64 tooth gear with a larger diameter bore. I reached out to Ted, so hopefully he’ll have one available.



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