Re: Best way to sell an entire hobby machine shop?

Roger Bickers

Id be interested in smalls due to shipping unless theres a stand out item. Im needing an acme screw gauge,  acme taps, acme dies, machinists squares (small and medium sized)  taper reamers,  and a planer gauge. If he's got any R-8 tool holders id be interested in a price on them as well as nmtb 30 taper stuff.   Im also looking for a dividing head (with its plates) and tailstock. 
Please private message me with an emal if you have any of these items youd sell. Thanks.
And i totally get what youre going thru. Some time ago my grandfather died and my grandmother asked me to go thru his tools and divide them up for my two cousins... so i took the time to clean them all up and make complete sets, however when i went to give them to my cousins , neither wanted them. Not only was i shocked, but worse of all, my grandmother was heartbroken. To this day, ive still got those other sets. Thanks for the story... guys like your dad are the guys with real "can do attitudes" and a plethora of hands on experience that sadly today is dying out.  Roger aka Mr.Concrete

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Sir, do you have a lathe level for sale?  Have one but can't find it in my shop. Thanks


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That is heart-warming. Thanks for sharing!

102 and was still able to drive. Awesome!

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I'm dealing with cleaning out my Dad's shop.  For a couple years now he has been telling me to take anything I want as he won't use it anymore.  I think he finally really is at that point.  This year has been getting tougher for him to walk and he just stopped driving.  He turns 103 in December.  My brother in law and I are slowly cleaning his shop out.  I don't need much as I don't have room and my shop is much better equiped than his.   BIL took the South Bend lathe.

My Dad is the best machinist I ever met.  His handiwork is on the moon - he made parts for the moon rovers.

I can't help thinking about what my family will have to put up with to empty my shop someday.

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