Re: 14.5 SB spindle .From cat. Dated 12-56. Page 15. Spindle nose diameter and threads 2 3/8"-6. Page 17 for 13" is 2 1/4-8

Steve Wells

Hi John,
During and after WWII, the tapers were all revised to .602 except for the 10R which ended in 1951 with .623 taper.  The taper diameters were .938 for the 9/10K and 1.6295 for the large lathes. 
The older 14-1/2 had the same .602 taper, but the TD was 1.325


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Steve do you by chance know the taper on the early 14 1/2" spindle , I know they had a Colet adapter but was curious if any other sizes could interchange or was the 14 1/2 on its own.

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