Re: 9" model C, 3' bed in West KY

Roger Bickers

Animal,  i got a steady rest for your lathe and it only needs painted. Id take $200.00 and shipping for it.  I cant use it... my lathes an old "wide bed 9". Roger

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Date: 6/21/18 12:09 PM (GMT-05:00)
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            I'm up in Plumas in NorCal , I was going to run down to Davis to look at a Logan lathe , the guy wanted 700 for with some tooling , & as I was looking up directions I remembered a customer of mine that had

            a lathe I looked at several years back  that ht also wanted 700 for , I called him up & asked if he still had it & he say's yea 250 , so I head over & left with a SouthBend 9A 4' bed a nice old Craftsman grinder

        & a Craftsman lathe for 275 . the deal's are everywhere , just gotta poke around .  I would like to pick up a steady & follower rest someday , but doin ok so far with out them.


On 6/21/2018 8:52 AM, Oren wrote:
Dang! Nice score!
My other observation is that Southern California seems to have much more and better deals than Northern California when talking machinist equipment. Not so much when talking general woodworking equipment. I live in Northen California...

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Got a SB 9A (Catalog CL344ZN) (with taper attachment, collet nose, drawbar and a few collets) and Diamond 22M Horizontal with a Rusnok vertical head in Mission Bay (San Diego) from a high school chum (it was in his dad's garage). Motivated seller with two houses to sell. Both machines, plus tooling, plus his dad's tool boxes and raw material for asking $ 800. I gave him $1000 to ease some of the guilt!
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