Re: 3D Printed Thread Dial

Gregg Eshelman

One of the best things for getting prints to stick to the bed (for PLA) is to rub a glue stick over it then smooth the glue down with a wet paper towel. Then print with the bed heated. When it cools the print will easily come off the bed.

What printer did you buy?

On Saturday, June 9, 2018, 2:15:26 PM MDT, benjithestupiddog via Groups.Io <benjithestupiddog@...> wrote:

Hi Gents,

Got a cheapish 3D printer the other day and made myself a thread dial for the 9a.

I have not cleaned up/filled/drilled/painted yet but early signs looks good, it feels rigid enough for its purpose.

The whole printer probably cost me £20-30 more than I can buy an original dial for and £70-80 more than getting someone else to print it, plus I get to keep the printer. 

Next up is a set of metric gears :)




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