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Serpentine belts are just wonderful. THey have much more grip than leather belt.
In my case, UMD drive, I took my old alternator belt out of my Toyota Matrix and cut it to lenght.

One lathe, I laced with nylon twine and it has done the job for at least 3 years until I had to remove the lathe from its cabinet for maintenance. It runs without noise.

On my other SB, I have used clips for belt clippers on leather belts. It seems to do the job. On one side, clips just fit in the v groove. AT the other end, i removed the V e clips. Almost no noise. I will see if it lasts.

For rear drive machines, find the proper continuous belt.

Attached is the picture of the belt clips on the serpentine belt as well as belt lacing

Guy Cadrin

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I hear if the serpentine belt gets oils its all over ?Alec Ryals
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