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Gregg Eshelman

It's pretty easy to skive a leather belt. You need a couple of boards, a pair of small bar clamps, something solid to clamp to, a pen, and a small block plane.

1. Decide how much overlap you want in the join. Overlap the ends that much and mark the TOP of one end and the BOTTOM of the other end.
2. Align one end of the belt, mark up, with the end of one of the boards. The belt end has to be at the board end to allow the plane to angle down past it so it can cut the belt nearly paper thin.
3. Set the block plane atop the belt with its blade edge resting on the pen mark.
4. Set the second board with an end up against the back end of the plane then clamp boards and belt to your bench, table etc.

You want that plane SHARP. With this setup you can't cut too deep at the end of the skive angle. Plane the leather until you have a straight taper down to very thin at the end of the belt. Repeat the setup with the other end, remembering to flip the belt over to do the opposite side.

Gorilla glue works great for sticking it together. There are fancy belt gluing jigs but a couple of pieces of waxed angle iron and a pair of bar clamps work. Just make sure to not let the join get crooked as you tighten the clamps. Get the cut surfaces a little damp then evenly spread a THIN LAYER of glue on both ends. Ideally there should be very little squeeze out. Let cure for 24 hours.

The polyurethane gorilla glue stays flexible and rolls smoothly around the pulleys.

Dunno if this will work with a serpentine automotive belt or other materials. Depends on how well it takes to being shaved in thin layers and what glue will bond and remain flexible.

On Sunday, May 27, 2018, 11:27:38 AM MDT, Dave Robbins <dmrobbin@...> wrote:

I saw where you can get them prepared like that on ebay but they're expensive
I think given that it's not much more trouble in my situation to measure, disassemble, get belt and reassemble, I'll skip the cut/glue option
When I put the spindle in to measure I don't have to put it all the way in, just enough so it's held straight

On Sun, May 27, 2018 at 12:05 PM, Roger Bickers via Groups.Io <mr.concrete1964@...> wrote:
Why not cut the belt (skieve) and glue it together and clamp it till the glue sits?

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