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What are we talking about???  I have a mythical V belt model A SB lathe.

It takes 2 secs to move the vee-belt over the large end of the spindle drive pulley. I can change speed many many times by moving the belt over the pulley than I could save by disassembling the spindle to put on a continuous belt or listening to the klik, klick, klick of a metallic fastener on a flat belt.  I have been running my link belt for 2 years and never give "inconvenience" a thought to reach up and move the belt when needed, reapply tension and begin making chips again.

Gotta be realistic.  

Nelson  Wood

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And here I was thinking of switching to a linked V belt like yours the next time. I have one on a wood lathe that I really like.

On 05/25/2018 10:09 PM, comstock_friend wrote:
Then there's the mythical V belts. Not all peaches and cream however. Changing between the the front largest two largest grooves interferes with the headstock casting.


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