Re: Metric

Phillip Rankin

If the 100/127 transposing gear is used along with the proper change gear on the stud the end result will be 100%. In other words if you set up to cut a 2mm pitch thread using the 100/127 transposing gear you will cut a 2mm pitch thread. Not 1.9993mm, or 2.0002mm.

In the files section of this group there is a photo of a metric threading tag from a South Bend model A lathe. It list a full set of metric threads from 6mm down to 0.02mm. I attempted to post the photo earlier, but I don't know if it is visible to the group.

Nobody needs to create a chart or spreadsheet for you. South Bend Lathe did it for you many years ago. See my previous post to navigate to the image of this tag.

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