Re: Our 1915 South Bend Lathe Series O, 15-inch

Gregg Eshelman

I used the smallest putty kit from Moglice. After applying the included release agent to the unworn right end of the leadscrew I just clamped them to it. What was left of the threads aligned the half nuts. Prep of them was bead blasting, soaking in lacquer thinner, letting dry completely followed by using the cleaner in the Moglice kit.

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I can see how you fixed the absence of threads on the split nut, but can you explain how you ensured the 2 halves were in phase with each other, please?  I thought I was going to have to do something similar on our 15" (30" US) Broadbent, but it turned out the nuts were just packed with swarf.

Did you use whitemetal or some sort of resin?



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