Re: Tail Stock Wear


Sir, with 3 tries to lock something in the tailstock of your 9a, I suggest you evaluate the tang of the appliance you are trying to lock into your tailstock.

If it has a round end and is the right morse taper, it should not lock.  If it has a tang on the right end of the appliance it should lock in position by simply turning it part of a turn to allow the tang to find it's position in the tailstock.  

Good luck

Nelson Wood

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Hi all,

I'm starting to give up on the hope that there is still a working tail stock in existence for my 9a.

I am currently on no. 3 and they are all unable to lock the quill, I guess its all down to wear and some idiot buying tail stocks without inspecting them first, but is there any easy fix other than reboring or waiting for a decent one to appear?  

Any advice welcome and on the upside the painting and cleaning side of things is going quite well.

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