Re: Give Up - How to Post a Picture in a Thread?

John Losch

To all:

A few days ago I again tried to sign into my Yahoo account so I could enlarge a picture.  Predictably, it was futile.  I got a special message saying, “Someone has tried to sign into your account.”  Of course someone had.  It was me. My user name and address, etc. was all put on file when I joined the list and is correct. There followed a ritual that was beyond both my patience and comprehension.  I have better things to do than to try to outwit YAHOO.  I sent the message, text only, copied below.  There was no reply.

"Hey, you yahoos! Several times a year I relent and again try to sign into my account.  Every time you make it so frigging difficult and confusing that I again decide to just screw it.  You aren’t running the Goddam CIA.  Why don’t you get real and make it possible for people to use their accounts.  I am not the only one who has decided to not bother when there are pictures posted on the South Bend Lathe account.  Let me know when your feet touch the ground again."

John Losch

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If you are posting by going to the home site, it’s a bit complicated.
Go to the home page.
Make sure you are logged in.
Click on photos. It’s just below the home page picture and to the left of center.
Or if you are sure you are logged in use this direct link
If you do not already have an Album, click on New Album, to the right and fill out the two lines of information.
Click on add photo.
If you have an Album go to it. It is shown by name and by a picture from it.
If you are using IE-8 or earlier (Windows XP) THIS MAY NOT WORK.
The new NEO format downloads a picture for each folder. There was an initial problem with IE-8. Neo would stop at 9 folders and tries to go to never-never land. This appears to have been corrected. IE-9 (Windows Vista/Windows 7) However works OK.
If so, use the "New Album" option until YAHOO fixes it for IE-8
I have also checked IE-9 running on Windows 7. This works fine and will open all Folders
Additionally I checked an iPad running IOS-6 There is no Issue there.
It may help to find you folder if you click on the "pull Down" next to "New Folder" and set it to Alphabetical, rather than a date related order.
BN (Before NEO) there was a "Creator" option which listed the files by the Yahoo name of the creator. That was MUCH easier to find.
Click on the picture. This opens you folder.
Click on the purple box to the right "+Add Photos"
Tell the folders where the photo is on your computer.
Double click on you picture or click on open.
Click on “Post Photo”
If you are set up to see “Albums”  (top left pull down) and “Last First” (Top right pull down) You picture will be visible.
If you are posting by email, it should be simpler.
You do need to insure that your email client is set to respond in HTML
I use, outlook 2016.
I just click on “insert” and then one of two options.
  1. “Attach file” This attaches the pix which should be at the bottom of the reply and it will be saved in the home Groups attachments folder.
  1. “Pictures” This will insert a picture into the text just after the cursor. Now some members may not see this if they have not set their ,ail client up for HTML.
Also there is an issue of picture size. Anything much larger than 1 Mb is Large. Keeping it in the 100 Mb range is better.
Below I just inserted a picture using Insert/pictures.
Ifyou are using another client theprocess may be different.
Jim B.
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How does one add the pics to a thread?


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