Re: 16 inch - removing pulley assembly question


Bearing number 88506

I use the belt that SBL used to sell. I think Grizzly still sells them.


On Mar 18, 2018, at 9:22 PM, markz@... [SOUTHBENDLATHE] <SOUTHBENDLATHE@...> wrote:


Thanks Ted.  I figured you would say no but I figured I would try....

I also figured I would use 4140.  Looks like it is just standard 1.25 and 1 inch stock.  I did get the set screw out but about half the thread are damaged - but I don't think that is an issue.

The next question is bearings - can you tell me what they are so I have them when I tear into it?  Are the bearings special?

Looks like Southbend part number PT442R1 for the bearings.

Ted - you also recommended a belt I should buy.  Can you please refresh my memory on that?

You might remember we talked about rebuilding my Bridgeport head.  I solved that problem by buying a new Atrump 3 axis CNC with a digitizer.  I should have it by June and need to finish the lathe before the new mill goes in the shop.



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