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 I don’t have those shafts. They aren’t hard, just tough. 4140 will be fine, even better than the original.
 Sorry, I don’t really want to make a service call to Cincinnati.


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Thanks Ted!  Right as usual!

I missed it looking at the parts book because the second set screw is part of the base assembly not the cone assembly.

The good news is the shaft is out and the babbet looks to be in good shape (why on earth did they use babbet?).  The bad news is the damage had already been done.  The set screw broke so I need to get it out, But the shaft is toast.

Ted - can you sell me a new shaft - would also like a new motor base plate pivot shaft?  If not, I will have to make them.  Are they right to size (1.25 and 1 inch I believe) or a little undersized?  Also are they a little hardened?  I'm thinking of making them out of 4140 if I need to make them.

Ted - are you sure you don't want a road trip to beautiful Cincinnati to help me get this thing together????   You never gave me a firm no last time I asked.............

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There is another set screw in the right side boss in the base
Note: don’t use heat on it. It is in the babbit.


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I have not been on the board for a while, but after 10 years time to get my 16 inch lathe running.  Its a 1969 version.  I am rebuilding most of it - utmost thanks to Ted for the parts and support he has provided me.  But my project stalled a few years ago and now time to finish.

I was not going to touch the lower pulley assembly but the bearings are bad so have to take it apart.  My old garage would condense a few times a year, and that caused some rust in the lower compartment.

I got the motor plate off (was not fun - need to make a new shaft).

For the life of me can't get the pivot shaft out on the pulley assembly.  I found one set screw on a collar and no others.  I am driving the shaft out left to right, and it moved in about 1.25 inches on the left, but it barely moved on the right side.  ; What is going on?  Is this shaft not one piece?  And it is very difficult to move it.

Any suggestions?

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