Re: 16 inch - removing pulley assembly question


There is another set screw in the right side boss in the base
Note: don’t use heat on it. It is in the babbit.


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I have not been on the board for a while, but after 10 years time to get my 16 inch lathe running.  Its a 1969 version.  I am rebuilding most of it - utmost thanks to Ted for the parts and support he has provided me.  But my project stalled a few years ago and now time to finish.

I was not going to touch the lower pulley assembly but the bearings are bad so have to take it apart.  My old garage would condense a few times a year, and that caused some rust in the lower compartment.

I got the motor plate off (was not fun - need to make a new shaft).

For the life of me can't get the pivot shaft out on the pulley assembly.  I found one set screw on a collar and no others.  I am driving the shaft out left to right, and it moved in about 1.25 inches on the left, but it barely moved on the right side.  ; What is going on?  Is this shaft not one piece?  And it is very difficult to move it.

Any suggestions?

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