Clausing 5914 Bent Spindle Question (w/ Video)

Ryan K

I picked up a Clausing 5914 two days ago from a local machinist/fabricator.  Everything about the machine looked great except I wasn't able to inspect the spindle (mistake #1) because the collar was seized up pretty good around the 3-jaw chuck.  It measured ~.006" runout so I figured the spindle was good and I looked into the bore and inspected the taper to confirm they were free from damage.  I figured I was in the clear.  Turns out, I was not.

When I got home I was able to break the collar free and remove the chuck.  I put an indicator to the spindle and to my horror found that it had .0015" runout.  

The spindle is bent.  I'm almost 100% sure it happened by the transportation method employed by the previous owner.  When my friend I returned with some plywood and dollies we found the original owner had already moved the lathe 20 feet or so.  He put a solid piece of steel through the chuck, wrapped a chain around that and hoisted the machine in the air by the spindle.   We expressed concern but he said he'd been doing it that way for 40 years and has never had a problem.  We didn't argue the point since he was so much more experienced and had moved dozens of machines (mistake 2)

Do you guys have any ideas to try and repair it?

Worst case scenario I suppose is that I purchase a new backplate and face/turn it, then mount a chuck to it.  Since the spindle is keyed it will always register to the same location.  Hate the idea of loosing the ability to use 5C collets with the machine (I have the drawbar/adapter) and not being able to use the original 1-piece 4-jaw chuck, but I just don't know how else to approach it. 

Any input welcome!  Thank you guys!!

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