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Go gently, Sir or you will have multiple parts to repair or replace.  No one needs that and all are expensive.

Nelson Wood

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Hi Jon,

Sadly yes, I can make about 1/2 - 3/4 of a turn before it all binds up, I did also notice (but failed to mention) a couple of marks on the back end, possibly it was introduced to Mr Hammer at some point in its past, though I did clean the thread up I don't think that is the problem area.

That being said on further inspection, one of the spreader plates in the clutch is missing, the 2 nuts which hold the half nuts in are missing, paint looks like it was applied with a hammer, the half nut leaver has been broken and repaired by a very angry welder and the feed select lever does not seem to operate as smoothly as it should.

So in the scheme of things a stuck collar is a small fish in a big pond.



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Are you certain the pin is not engaging the worm as well as the lock ring?

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Hi all,

First post so thanks for all the free info so far.

I've been trying to strip the apron of my 9a and can't for the life of me remove the collar holding in the worm gear, pin wasn't present and the gib is out.

It is definitely binding somewhere and I have already used as much force as I can muster with a piece of pin stock in hole as a lever, bit of heat etc.

Is it a case of breaking out the big guns and just forcing it until one of us cracks or is there a more delicate approach anyone can suggest.

The angle grinder keeps giving me this "I could have that off in 5 minutes" look :)

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