Re: When your wife asks what all the junk is for?

Flash Gordon

Don't forget to put a note in your will.... "Do not sell my stuff for what I told my wife I paid for it!"

Ed S



I am putting in a new shower.

The shower tub is in.

Wall tile is up.

The shower enclosure uses aluminum channels that need to be screwed into a stud.

We put studs all over the anticipated securing area BUT, there was a 3/8� gap not studded in.

Where do you think the screws wanted to go?

Old Murphy struck again.

Tried longer screws, tried bigger screws no luck.

So I drilled out the holes in the wall tile to 3/8 and then using the lathe fabricated 2-1/2� and 3� long hardwood plugs with a screw hole right down the middle.

Fastened them in with Gorilla glue.

The tile plus the Hardy board took up close to an inch. �Using plastic wall anchors would not work. Too short.

The Heavy 10 Made Quick work if the job.




Jim B.




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