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Exchange of information and user experiences pertaining to the now discontinued Sony ICF2010/2001D shortwave radio. Discussions on (but not limited to) radio repair, modifications, antenna topics, SW, MW and AIR band DXing etc.

This group's Files section has a list of Sony ICF2010/2001D serial numbers contributed and maintained by members. The Files section also has user and service manual scans. The Links section (in Databases) has useful links to other Sony ICF2010/2001D radio information and websites.

Please consult and search the Messages, Files, Databases and Photos section of this ICF2010 group website - you will find a wealth of useful information here already. Attachments are allowed. 

New members, please note that your first post (or two) will be moderated. Once accepted, you may be given full unrestricted posting privileges. Spam, personal attacks, anti-social behaviour, political, religious discussions, off-topic discussions etc. will not be tolerated and members engaging in such discussions will be re-moderated or banned from this group

We request all posters to ensure that the subject line indicates the purpose and item of concern of the post. "A question" or "Who knows" or "A problem" doesn't tell anyone anything and may not be read by many.

The group website (link below) is an old archived version of the icf2010 website from over 20 years ago. It's outdated and kept for historical reasons only on

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