Antenna analyzer with a 1.0 to 1 swr

Christopher Warren <christopherlwarren@...>

I built  my antenna analyser some time back and had it working and calibrated correctly.
All of a sudden it started to give me a 1.4 :1 swr across the band.
I attempted to re calibrate with a  150 ohm resistor but no matter how I turned the rotator the swr remained 1.0 :1. With an open circuit I am getting the N/A symbol.
I updated the sketch to version 3.8 but to no avail. 
I am using the AD9851 signal generator and PE3 's modification still using 12 volts and the DC  to DC converter. Fine tune is also included.

Has anyone experienced this problem? 

De Chris 9h1bw 

John P

Chris - I had forgotten to mention in our earlier emails - Make sure the DDS is actually working. YOu should be able to hear it on your receiver.
John P.

Christopher Warren <christopherlwarren@...>

Thank you for your advice.  In fact I could not get a signal from it. I have a 9850 and will try again.

Christopher Warren <christopherlwarren@...>

John I checked the RF oscillator and it is spot on on 28.500.
Has anybody experienced this?