AA not working

Rudolph Neuhaus

I have completed building the AA and was able to compile the program. When I loaded it to the AA, it indicated that everything was good. The display remained lit but blank. I was going to run the eprom erase and read programs to make sure everything was good. The problem that I am having is locating the eprom erase.h and read eprom.h files. Can anybody tell me here I can find these files? The only files I could find are the .ino files. I have checked the hardware and all of the circuits are correct. Thanks for any help.

John P

On Mon, Jul 8, 2019 at 11:59 PM, Rudolph Neuhaus wrote:
The only files I could find are the .ino files

There are no .h files associated with the Erase_Eprom and Read_Eprom.ino files. .h files are not a necessity for simple programs. Just make sure you put the .ino files into directories named Erase_Eprom and Read_Eprom, not in the directory with the AA program.

That said, I don't think that is your problem.

My first suggestion would be to look for the color definitions in the My_Analyzer_V3.8.ino file:

int BLUE       = 0x001F;
int GREEN    = 0x07E0;
int RED         = 0xF800;
int YELLOW  = 0xFFE0;


And put "~" characters in front of the definitions like:

int BLUE       = ~0x001F;
int GREEN    =  ~0x07E0;
int RED         = ~0xF800;
int YELLOW  = ~0xFFE0;

That flips all the bits in the color codes, which is the most common cause of display issues such as you describe. If that doesn't work, perhaps the display is defective as a lot of the ones from China seem to be.

John P.